One day Anni was twirling and singing one of her original compositions.
"It's my gift!" she declared.
Dizzy, she fell with spectacular gracelessness.
Laying on her back on the tile floor she began flapping her arms and legs
as if she were making a snow angel.
"Falling down is also a gift!" says she.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes I am so in awe of the people surrounding me

So many family members of kids with medical/physical/social difficulties find themselves formulating a response to Emily Perl Kingsley's Welcome to Holland. Tonight a brand new member of Postcards from Holland responded as a mother who lost her child after a long battle with liver disease (actually, the same disease as Annika's). She wrote it after a trip to Holland, Texas and it's an incredibly moving read - better than anything I might rattle off tonight. Library update later.


Blogger PPB said...

I'm sorry. I bet those sad stories tug a little too close for comfort sometimes. What a wonderful thing that group blog is....

4/01/2005 4:25 PM  

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